SCL Career Leaders

While cleaning up some files I stumbled on a couple more podcasts that Jim Copeland and I did way back in 2008.

I thought I would share them with you. I forgot how much fun these were to do. I wish I had done a better job of saving them all.

Above, was the header we used for the podcast. Obviously we were just 2 serious dudes talking baseball.

Star Trek Nonsense

A short Star Trek themed intro, featuring Capt. Kirk and Spock.

Rules Rules Rules

We get are cruises mixed up.

The Love Boat is discussed.

I get a money making opportunity

We discuss some GAPL rule changes, and Jim gets it all wrong.

I get a little pervy.

Jim hits me with some trivia.

Sesame Street ends it.

Bartender Jokes Rule

Bartender jokes are funny.

Yogi Berra gets some props.

Monty Python chimes in.

My post-season picks suck. (FYI- the Phillies beat the Rays in 2008)

Gaylord Perry’s daughter chimes in.

I get an easy trivia question wrong.

Banana Boat Boogie

Harry Belafonte sings.

We have a redo. (MacAfee sucks)

Bucket lists make me look bad.

Adam makes an appearance.

Ryne Duran is discussed.

I’m accused of cheating.

Bill Burbach doesn’t exist.

Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving is not a funny holiday.

Paul Waner gets his props.

We are thankful.

I cramp up on Thanksgiving.

Mike Shannon rears his ugly head.

I get my ass kicked by the trivia question.

Adam Sandler sings.