Org transaction log -- Second Chance League
Regular season

4/7/1928WWGrayDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/7/1928WWRobertsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
4/27/1928SUNReganDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/2/1928KMDuganDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/2/1928KMJones RuDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/2/1928KMWalshPromoted to active roster  Before
5/12/1928ARKBaroPromoted to active roster  Before
5/12/1928ARKMcNairDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/12/1928CCTCampbellPromoted to active roster  Before
5/12/1928CCTJohnsonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/12/1928DDBurnettDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/12/1928DDDurocherPromoted to active roster  Before
5/12/1928GHGEasterlingPromoted to active roster  Before
5/12/1928GHGHarrisDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/12/1928GHGShoresDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/12/1928SUNReganPromoted to active roster  Before
5/22/1928SUNAlfonsoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/26/1928IRMuellerAcquired via tradeSS After
5/26/1928IRSpeakerTraded awaySS After
5/26/1928SSMuellerTraded awayIR After
5/26/1928SSSpeakerAcquired via tradeIR After
5/27/1928ARKShealySigned  Before
5/27/1928ARKShealyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/1928CCTSukeforthSigned  Before
5/27/1928CCTSukeforthDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/1928DDMullenDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/1928GHGWeinertSigned  Before
5/27/1928GHGWeinertDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/1928GPCollinsDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/1928GPHayesSigned  Before
5/27/1928GPHayesDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/1928GPNeversPromoted to active roster  Before
5/27/1928IRMelilloSigned  Before
5/27/1928IRMelilloDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/1928JCSMurray, MSigned  Before
5/27/1928JCSMurray, MDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/1928KMBrooks, ISigned  Before
5/27/1928KMBrooks, IDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/1928KMBrooks, IPromoted to active roster  Before
5/27/1928KMHolmDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/1928SUNMcCurdyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/1928SUNMoorePromoted to active roster  Before
5/27/1928SUNRojoDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/1928SUNWeaverSigned  Before
5/27/1928SUNWeaverDemoted to reserve roster  Before
5/27/1928SUNWeaverPromoted to active roster  Before
5/27/1928VVMooreSigned  Before
5/27/1928VVMooreDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/1/1928DDWoodallSigned  Before
6/1/1928IRBarnhartPromoted to active roster  Before
6/1/1928IRMuellerDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/6/1928BTFergusonSigned  Before
6/6/1928BTFergusonDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/11/1928SPDickeyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/11/1928SSSheelySigned  Before
6/11/1928SSSheelyDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/11/1928SSSmithSigned  Before
6/11/1928SSSmithDemoted to reserve roster  Before
6/11/1928WWMyattDemoted to reserve roster  Before
8/3/2022ARKBurrusAcquired via tradeSUN After
8/3/2022SUNBurrusTraded awayARK After
8/4/2022CCTAlexanderTraded awayJCS After
8/4/2022CCTCollinsTraded awayPC After
8/4/2022CCTWilliams,KAcquired via tradePC After
8/4/2022CGClancyTraded awayIR After
8/4/2022CGCombsTraded awayIR After
8/4/2022CGTerryAcquired via tradeIR After
8/4/2022CGWelshAcquired via tradeIR After
8/4/2022GHGHarperTraded awayVV After
8/4/2022GHGMcWeenyAcquired via tradeVV After
8/4/2022GHGReinhartAcquired via tradePC After
8/4/2022IRClancyAcquired via tradeCG After
8/4/2022IRCombsAcquired via tradeCG After
8/4/2022IRTerryTraded awayCG After
8/4/2022IRWelshTraded awayCG After
8/4/2022JCSAlexanderAcquired via tradeCCT After
8/4/2022JCSPicinichAcquired via tradePC After
8/4/2022PCCollinsAcquired via tradeCCT After
8/4/2022PCPicinichTraded awayJCS After
8/4/2022PCReinhartTraded awayGHG After
8/4/2022PCWilliams,KTraded awayCCT After
8/4/2022VVHarperAcquired via tradeGHG After
8/4/2022VVJudgeAcquired via tradeWW After
8/4/2022VVMcWeenyTraded awayGHG After
8/4/2022VVWebbTraded awayWW After
8/4/2022WWJudgeTraded awayVV After
8/4/2022WWWebbAcquired via tradeVV After
8/22/2022IRHainesAcquired via tradeSS After
8/22/2022IRMeuselAcquired via tradeSS After
8/22/2022IRThompson, STraded awaySS After
8/22/2022IRYokelyTraded awaySS After
8/22/2022SSHainesTraded awayIR After
8/22/2022SSMeuselTraded awayIR After
8/22/2022SSThompson, SAcquired via tradeIR After
8/22/2022SSYokelyAcquired via tradeIR After
8/23/2022CGGardner, JTraded awaySUN After
8/23/2022CGRixeyAcquired via tradeSUN After
8/23/2022SUNGardner, JAcquired via tradeCG After
8/23/2022SUNRixeyTraded awayCG After
8/24/2022CGAldridgeTraded awayPC After
8/24/2022CGDoakAcquired via tradePC After
8/24/2022CGSchulteTraded awayPC After
8/24/2022CGWilliams, HAcquired via tradePC After
8/24/2022PCAldridgeAcquired via tradeCG After
8/24/2022PCDoakTraded awayCG After
8/24/2022PCSchulteAcquired via tradeCG After
8/24/2022PCWilliams, HTraded awayCG After
8/24/2022SPBancroftAcquired via tradeSS After
8/24/2022SPFisherAcquired via tradeSS After
8/24/2022SPGoldmanTraded awaySS After
8/24/2022SPHardingTraded awaySS After
8/24/2022SPHargreavesAcquired via tradeSS After
8/24/2022SSBancroftTraded awaySP After
8/24/2022SSFisherTraded awaySP After
8/24/2022SSGoldmanAcquired via tradeSP After
8/24/2022SSHardingAcquired via tradeSP After
8/24/2022SSHargreavesTraded awaySP After